The Gift

One day while praying, I came across an idea to write out all the promises that the Holy Spirit was going to deliver to me. I gave my heart to God and promised to obey his word and live through him and he in me. I gave myself a new me to hold myself accountable for. The lord promised me favor. He gave me a strength that only he can deliver. He gave me a new set of eyes that only he can give. I walked with him, I asked him for restoration of my faith and through him all the things that I asked came to pass. When he saw me, he knew me, he knew who I was destined to become. He knew that I had a heart to serve, before I knew I had a heart to serve. He knew that I could handle the life that was given, because with him all things became possible. I am a living breathing testimony that with him you can fulfill your God given purpose, and if you believe you will succeed. I believe that Jesus brought me through a test of my flesh that required me to call on him and only him. He gave me knowledge and wisdom to overcome the trial and put my pain in the rear view mirror of my life, so that I can use my story to uplift one another through my struggle. I can honestly say that with him I am stronger than I have ever been. I can say that because of him, I have a God given power that no other being could ever give. I am a child of the one and only living God and through his stripes I am healed, through his glory I am blessed, and I will live my days with him forever and ever. Amen

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