The Bible is constantly reminding us that nothing in this world belongs to us, instead everything belongs to God, even our own life. (Psalms 100:3). As believers we have the desire to own, so we claim things to be ours, which in all reality we are really just borrowing. (God gives and God takes away Job 1:21). So why does God give, if at some point he will take away? We may not always have a clear understanding of this, or an understanding of many other things as well, this being the reason God said “trust him, and lean not to our own understanding”. (Proverbs 3:5-6) I believe God wants us to appreciate the time we have with one another, and live out the age old saying “never take moments for granted”. God places people and situations in our life to teach us, to guide us, to grow us and in return we grow the Kingdom, because everything we do is for his glory!. When we lose, we must remember that it was never really ours to begin with. Although at times it may be hard, we must practice gratitude towards the Lord for allowing us to enjoy what is his, even if we only get to enjoy it for a little while. In doing so, we also have to remember that we serve a God who loves us deeply and understands us like no other ever will. He said “even the very hairs of your head are all numbered” (Luke 12:7) so lets all be encouraged, because God always takes care of his children.

Have any of you ever experienced loss? I know I definitely have!, but God is a God of restoration, and with every loss, God has lovingly and abundantly restored!

What a good thing we have as daughters in Christ!!

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