A prophetic word from God

I received a prophetic word this morning around 1am. I wasn’t sure if I should share it, but God encouraged me to share it.

“I give you prophecy through your words, I allow you to speak to my people in this way. You are blessed and favored, and I give you knowledge that comes from a higher knowledge than yours. I Am, the one true God that you honor and serve. Take refuge in me, and you will see all the things that I am going to allow to happen. My daughter be encouraged to live trust worthy and patiently. Help others to see me the way you see me, so that in the last day, they will be spared. Give hope to the nations that who ever believes in the Son, will be with the Father. I say these things, because the end is near, and all those that are not of good yoke will spoil in the eternal lake of fire. Blessed are you for giving yourself to Jesus, and allowing him to work through you. You know the truth, and the truth will stand the test of time”.

Glory be to God, Amen

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