Becoming Christ like

We as Christian are so guilty of allowing ourselves to be less than what we have been called to be, and then giving the disclaimer “the Lord knows my heart”. Well yea he does, but is it the same heart that we think we have.? The Bible talks about in ~Matthew 25~ that whatever we do for the least of him our Lord, we do for him. We cannot continue to know who Jesus is, while claiming ourselves to be Christians, but not submitting to the word of God! The enemy knows who the Lord is, and he is in no way in alignment with the Lord. We cant just say that we know who Jesus is, but are not willing to live the way that he lived during his time on earth. Our Lord and Savior King of Kings, surrender himself and committed his life to a life of service, so who are we to allow ourselves to do anything different.? This is exactly why the church is so divided.. here we have all of theses “Christians” claiming to love the Lord, but have deceitful hearts. We cannot continue this way, by doing so, we will never be able to grow the Kingdom! which is why we are essentially here for. The Bible speaks about those that believe they will enter the Kingdom, but do not. We need to remember to stay in alignment with the Lord. The same way we get our car aligned, when the steering wheel will not steer correctly, is the same way we need to allow the Lord to realign our life. We must allow the Lord to come into us and adjust us. Amen

Thank you Lord for being the redeemer!

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