Remembering to hold on in the midst of the storm!!

Lately I have been receiving conformation of a mighty storm, and being in the midst of the storm. I see the storm in the image of a massive tornado, within the tornado I see the image of someone looking around, while wondering where is God during all of this chaos and destruction. As the person looks around, they have this overwhelming notion that at any moment this massive tornado is going to consume them.

I am here to witness that the Lord almighty God is here, and he is in control! I am lead to share Mark 4:13 and to be a reminder that we have to stay rooted in good soil which is the word of God. We cannot allow Satan to distort our faith, because of what we see around us. We have to stay faithful and know that what we see does not determine the outcome! God is our provider, and he said that he would provide every need!. ~Philippians 4:19 God is our Lord and savior and he said, he would never forsake us. ~Deuteronomy 31:6

If you receive this say Amen!

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